Welcome Note from Michael Tellinger

“Do not be afraid to share your knowledge with others. There are millions like you, who will hear and who will respond to the truth.”

Through my research and my travels around the world, doing presentations on the staggering new information about our origins and the lost settlements of the Anunnaki in southern Africa, I have been blessed by meeting some of the most enlightened and consciously connected people imaginable. After the successful Megalithomania conference in March 2011, it became evident that there was a desperate need to present a platform of exposure for the much ignored area of UFOlogy. But progress and enlightenment is a beautiful thing, and it is now evident that the research being done around the UFO phenomena is closely linked to the frontiers of science. In turn, the frontiers of science, especially the areas of quantum physics, are directly linked to our understanding of this thing called Consciousness. The three are inextricably linked, and therefore I decided to combine these on a platform of credibility by some of the best minds available.

There are millions of people in South Africa and around the world that have lived in fear of sharing their personal experiences and knowledge with others, afraid of ridicule and slanderous attacks by those who live in ignorance and often in denial. Those days are gone - you are not alone. You are the awakened ones - those who have decided to see for themselves and embrace your own truth instead of the dogma of authority. Come share your experience with others and learn more about these subjects among others who share your truth.

The Consciousness shift is upon us – we are being exposed to divine knowledge - be the enlightened voice of the new world.

in Pure Truth

Michael of the family Tellinger