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Presented by: Michael Tellinger
List of Speakers:

1) Miceal Ledwith (Livestream) -
2012, secrets of the Vatican, cosmic connectedness.
2) Alfred L Webre - Galactic Federation and the science of relations among civilisations in the multiverse.
3) Laura Eisenhower - Secret bases on Mars, Moon, Area 51 – sacred feminine healing power of planet Earth.
4) David Hudson - Explains the process of transforming gold into the white powder of gold or as the Bible calls it “Manna from heaven”.
5) Kerry Cassidy - Whistle blowers on secret government projects, black-opps and industrial military complex.
6) Lloyd Pye - Star Child Skull and the genetic evidence of its cosmic origins.
7) William Brown - How our DNA was manipulated into a double stranded helix and how light activates our DNA towards higher levels of consciousness.
8) Claire Janisch - Bio-mimicry – how science and technology imitate nature.
9) Jennifer Welch - Caretaker of the Crystal Skulls energetically aligned to the Nilotic Meridian and galactic core.
10) Willem De Swart - Decoding the numeric grid that seems to be the backbone of the nature of reality and the physical universe, and space-time crossover.
11) Louise Claassen - Free Masons and mysteries of Enoch.
12) Wayne Hershel - Decoding ancient star maps and the Jordanian Codices.
13) Michael Tellinger - Lost civilisations of South Africa, evidence of Anunnaki gold-mining settlements – learning about a New Social Structure from the ancients – a world without money.
14) James Gilliland (special Skype presentation) - Understanding inter-dimensional beings and moving towards higher consciousness – ET contact has begun.