Monday, 7 November 2011

Sneak Previews...

Project Camelot Documentary on Michael Tellinger and Adam's Calendar

Miceal Ledwith on Orbs

David Hudson on White Powder of Gold

Lloyd Pye on Everything you know is wrong

Laura Eisenhower on Mind Control, UFO's, ET's, New World Order and the Illuminati

Wayne Herschel on Oneism - Cosmic Tree of Life

Claire Janisch on the Genius of Water

Alfred Webre on Time Travel, Life on Mars, Parallel Realities and Dimensions

Kerry Cassidy Live in Sedona - In search of the Annunaki

Willem De Swart on Time Space Crossover

James Gilliland on Extraterrestrial Contact

Michael Tellinger on the Secret Rulers of the World Truth Frequency

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