Speakers Presentations

Claire Janisch's Presentation: 25/11/2011 from 10h00-11h30

The Pulse of Life - Biologically Inspired Technologies  (from the brain to ufo's, from the heart to free energy.) Claire's presentation will explore deep patterns in nature and what they reveal about energy & consciousness, biologically inspired technologies, including the potential for biologically inspired ufo's, with an obvious connection to consciousness, free energy and the pulse of life. She'll make connections from nature to ourselves, to frequency, energy, the pulse of life, extraordinary technology, consciousness and ufo's.

Willem De Swart's Presentation: 25/11/2011 from 15h15-16h45 

The Archetype of Pisces and the Moon: Conspiracy theories have become a universal principle that have something very important to tell us. Its numbers, geometry and meaning reveal its message, which is ultimately about the unity of all things. This archetype is found in the 19th Tarot card, called the Moon. It is a principle that is hidden in many very popular films, being a central theme in movies such as "Lord of the Rings" and the "Shawshank" redemption.

Louise Claassen's Presentation: 26/11/2011 from 09h40-10h40

Enochian Mysteries: Who is Enoch? Why do we know so little about a man that was said to have walked with god, a man that had access to all pre-dilvian knowledge relating to geometry, astronomy and the creation of man. Enoch is referred to as a great man or legislator who was the first author of sacred symbols and hieroglyphics, and who taught the people their sacred mysteries and religious rites. It is said that Enoch was the architect of great cities, including the pyramids. Enoch lived for 365 years, a physical representation of our solar cycle. Enoch transmuted on the exact month, day and hour that he was born. How come this knowledge was eradicated from the bible and held in safekeeping of freemasonry as we see in the in the pillars of Boaz and Jochim supporting a triangular shape, known as the Pillars of Enoch – the gateway to knowledge.

Lloyd Pye's Presentation: 26/11/2011 from 11h00-12h30

Origins: The origins of the universe, of the solar system, of the very first life, of the subsequent life forms, of the beginnings of complex life, of advanced complex life, of early primates, of later so-called "higher" primates, the prehumans, hominoids, and, finally, humans.

Lloyd will also introduce everyone to the Starchild Skull by explaining a bit of its background story, then he will detail the latest DNA evidence that proves it is purely an alien rather than a human-alien hybrid, as was believed after the results of an imperfect DNA test in 2003. Don't miss this incredible piece of history in the making!

Jennifer Welch's Presentation: 26/11/2011 from 14h00-15h00

Dr Jennifer Welch will present a 45 minute talk introducing Mayan sacred energy and the concept of the Crystal Skulls as understood by the Mayans and other Native American cultures. She will introduce the two sacred Himalayan Crystal Skulls and the ancient Jade Disc now released into her care in order to support Grandmother Earth in the approach to End Time dated as 2012 in the Mayan Calendar, and to re-open and re-activate energy vortices along the 31’ meridian from Durban, South Africa northwards.  Dr Welch will describe the symbols, visions and synchronicities that led her to the Skulls, and her present interaction and transpersonal work with them.  A 1-hour slide show will follow illustrating journeys with the Skulls and Disc, and interesting energetic occurrences and sacred light phenomena at these sites.

Wayne Herschel's Presentation: 26/11/2011 from 15h45-17h15

The Cosmic Tree and Cross of Christ Hidden Records with ancient UFO:A UFO landing record discovered on ancient Egyptian papyrus, deciphering the latest Jordanian Codices, discovery of the Face of Mars monument in Israel, a 300yr old masonic bible reveals cross of Christ secret and UFO depictions which leads to decoding the unthinkable - forgotten church murals and a priory with UFO 'god' fresco. The Cosmic Tree and Serpent wormhole breakthrough leading to many other identical ancient UFO depictions found in temples around the world. They all associate them with ancient star maps showing who they are and where they come from... and we are their descendants.

Laura Eisenhower's Presentation: 26/11/2011 from 17h30-19h00

Cosmic Gaia: Laura will be discussing treaties between ET's and our government and the roots of hidden agendas connected to the Archons, Archetypes, Ancient History and Myth.  She will also discuss how this connects with the Goddess, her suppression and return and how branches of the global power structures have hidden their use of behavior modification, quantum access technologies and mind-control to implement specific agendas in order to enslave humanity, manipulate time-lines and belief systems and to separate us from our True origins and nature.  She will also share ways that we can prepare ourselves for the shift ahead so that we can break free of the false matrix and reclaim our true divine power.

William Brown's Presentation: 27/11/2011 from 09h40-11h00

The Light Encoded DNA Filament and Bio-molecular Quantum Communication: The Information Field contains the programs from which the body and behaviors are patterned, in other words this is information that the DNA accesses to produce the human being /experience.  The modular arrangement of DNA,  transferable elements (60% of the human genome), the importance of chromatin conformations, beyond the double helix (such as quaternary-stranded conformations of the telomeres), chromosomes, and how that relates to morphic resonance. Neurobiology: the quantum coherence of neuronal microtubules, how spatio-temporal electromagnetic patterns within the brain interface with the Information Field to produce behaviors, how mind-controlling viruses, fungi, and proteins exploit this process.  The plasticity of the brain and how every thought directly modulates the expression of DNA and re-configures the brain.     The activation of DNA through light: how cosmic radiation causes recombination and a re-configuration of the module assortment of DNA, and how this can be consciously guided for ascension, which is to say the accelerated and exponential expansion of consciousness........ including the Ancient Alien Theory.

Alfred Lambremont Webre's Presentation: 27/11/2011 from 11h15-12h45

"EARTH’S FUTURE ROLE IN THE MULTIVERSE": In "EARTH’S FUTURE ROLE IN THE MULTIVERSE" Alfred will introduce the dimensional ecology of intelligent life in the Multiverse.  He will demonstrate the law of evidence, multiple witness and empirical evidence for intelligent life in our 3rd dimension solar system (including life on Mars), in hyper-dimensions, in extraterrestrial governance bodies, and in the afterlife among the intelligent civilization of souls and Source. Alfred will explore positive and negative timelines, DNA and consciousness transformation, galactic energies in our solar system, Earth Changes, the process of transformation through dimensional shift to a 4th  dimensional planet Earth, and what 4th dimensional life will be like.

David Hudson's Presentation: 27/11/2011 from 14h15-15h45

ORMES: The historical South African origin and evolution of current scientific understanding.
Michael Tellinger's Presentation: 27/11/2011 from 16h00-17h00

Contributionism – A blueprint for a new social structure for a World Without Money. Every socio-political system we have had as a species has failed us. Money has been the obstacle to all progress and human achievements. It is the tool of absolute enslavement of humanity by the royal political elite who control the world and the supply of money. The only way we can free ourselves from this increasing financial misery, is to remove the obstacle – remove the tools that enslave us – remove money from society. A simple model closely based on the African UBUNTU system – where everyone contributes their acquired skills or natural talents to the greater benefit of the community. A system of great abundance for all on every level, in a unified community - or the “natural order of things”.