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Humanity's Team

Humanity’s Team South Africa is a spiritual movement focussed on raising the consciousness of Oneness; the scientifically proven inter-relatedness, inter-connectedness, and inter-dependence of everything, especially as it is found in humanity’s ancient African philosophy of uBuntu:  “I am because we are. “ 

Humanity’s Team are the initiators of the call to the United Nations for a Global Oneness Day, and locally for the call for a National uBuntu Day, and will be collecting signatures for the Global Oneness Declaration/gather support for uBuntu Day.  A 2012 uBuntu Calendar and some uBuntu posters will be on display and for sale.

www.humanitysteamsa.org                  Sign the Global Oneness Declaration                           Reclaim and Live uBuntu
Contact:  Anna-Mari Pieterse:      083 445 0412   amari@humanitysteamsa.org

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